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It seemed a lot easier. When Ivan and I first discussed this podcast back in December, neither one of us predicted a world pandemic.

But, here it is. And here we all are working remotely. Dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions of satellite worlds that intersect by the internet. If there’s any priority in the order of which bills get paid, internet jumps to the top of the list.

 When you think about it, what better time to launch a podcast when the world is under a mandatory shut in. I remember as a kid, misbehaving and being sent to my room; I’d sneak out and sit at the top of the stairs listening to the television and people laughing and having a good time. This time the top of the bannister is now the internet, listening in, watching, surfing, facetiming and facebooking and passing the hours.


But are actors really lazy?




Ivan Wanis Ruis and Tim McLarty at Radioradio studio, Toronto


The title of this podcast is a bit ironic. Actors who make a living at this can’t really be all that lazy. To live they often have to balance 2 or 3 part time jobs with family, friends, and use whatever energy or time left over to pursue their passion, to act.

This podcast is led by a truly passionate actor. I met Ivan through a Meet up group he started called The Actors  Ivan is one of those naturally charismatic people who leads by example. He said it best in one of the upcoming episodes; being an actor means being a hustler. And Ivan’s passion for sharing and helping other actors along inspired this podcast.

The Lazy Actor Podcast reads and discusses, chapter by chapter, the landmark audition books that have inspired many a career. The first book is Michael Shurtleff’s legendary  book, Audition. Enjoy The Lazy Actor Podcast. We urge you to subscribe, comment and share. We pray we all get through this pandemic with care and social distancing and minimal loss. In the mean time,  connect with your peers and keep developing your craft and the of art of acting with Ivan Wanis Ruiz and The Lazy Actor Podcast.


Tim McLarty is a Toronto based media creator, voice talent and owner of Ontrack Communications and RadioRadio studio.