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Acting is a muscle and the best way to help it grow is with lots of exercise, but you’re lazy so we do the work for you.  Every episode we break down the key points and awesome stories from the greatest acting books ever written to help you hone your craft.


The Lazy Actor Podcast is inspired by a series of landmark acting books.  The current book being discussed is “Audition” by Michael Shurtleff. If you wish to purchase the book please click on the Merch tab above  Merch page.

About Ivan

Ivan has been a working actor for over 10 years as well as the founder of The Actors Place (TAP) a collective and gym for actors looking to constantly practice their craft.  Find out more about Ivan on IMDB or about TAP at the links below. 


The LazyActorPodcast is produced at with producer  Tim McLarty. RadioRadio is a Toronto based content studio producing podcasts focusing on the arts, film, music, politics and more. Tim is a Toronto based media creator and voice talent with Ontrack Communications Inc.

Are you an actor who’d like to appear on The Lazy Actor Podcast ?  Send us a note so we can reach out.  Remote guest options are available.

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